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Epic Hobo set of the Worker Ostrich - Or Review of Engelbert Strauss clothing

May 172016

So there I was helping an old lady cross the street when suddenly that wonderful chime sound happened and a floating pop up sign appeared out of nowhere informing me of an achievement


So I quit everything I was doing:let the granny behind,hijacked Beck's from discovering a new cure for cancer,and had her speed us over to the nearest Engelbert Strauss store, coming out a very happy hobo.

pictured: A very happy hobo

Most of you are probably not familiar with this company.
If you've been in Germany you might have come across many a handy man wearing clothes that feature a peculiar ostrich logo.


They happen to be  a prime example of teutonic dedication to seriously utilitarian and THOUGH working clothes and equipment.
I first became familiar with this brand about a year ago when I was looking for new boots.
Aside from my stylish preferences I always aim to get durable resistant clothes as my lifestyle puts a strain to gear. After looking and looking at astronomically expensive and-in my eyes-weak camping gear I switched my targets to work boots as I figured that if there is one type of people that cannot afford their gear to fail them are hand workers.
Lo and behold,I found a store that sold the specialized hard core work gear.

After our last trip to France,we became convinced about the importance of functional clothes versus Status-display weak fabrics.
Also,our backpacks were heavy and filled with too many rags that all together did not really do a proper job of protecting us from the weather while not taking so much packing space.
We went over with Becks to their store to see what they had and I found my now completed quest objective :
The Rough-Tough trousers and the 3-in-1 Jacket
If you check the links you might notice that these little pieces of magnificent clothing are not precisely on the cheap side but when you analyze their functionality the investment comes accross as totally worth it.


So let's Analyze what we got in that loot bag!!!!

3 in 1 functional jacket

I fell in love when I first found this baby.
It is actually a combination of two jackets made of an extremely water and wind resistant outer layer and a warm isolated inner one.
Add in kick ass ALL BLACK color shades and you have something Gostro likes very much.
This jacket is the closest thing I've ever found to what you would expect a character from an action video-game to wear in terms of weight versus style versus functionality

Trousers e.s.Roughtough

Again,it is true that i have a certain inclination for a peculiar style and color of clothing BUT!
These guys while looking almost bullet proof (they do provide +1 protection vs slashing attacks though) and heavy as fuck are actually quite light and breatheable!
Although they were designed with factory workers and other assorted bad ass duties in general they are actually an ideal companion for the urban and wild camping adventurer as they work equally well against thorny bushes as against sewer rats.

(Results may vary)


And though I hadnt thought about them before,came across a pair of merino socks and decided to add them to the cart.
Extra quest reward!

I remembered the praising Ken Flannery over at Hobolifestyle sings to Merino clothing and decided that starting out with a small item like socks was a great way to test out this famed fabric.
Holy shit! It REALLY IS that good.
The warmth,comfort and easiness to clean and dry make clothes of this material a bit more expensive but the results will wholly justify the investment.


So of course all that was left was to put the gear on,which I did!

The skies tore asunder,the earth cracked,heavy metal started playing in the background and an ominous voice resonated:


Fitting words do not exist to describe such awesomeability

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