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We are a nomad pack consisting at the moment of:
One Quantum aberration, a human being and a possible member of the genus canis familiaris and/or a Jotunn-spawn/norse god of mischief.

In simple words: We are Gostro, Supra and Loki!


Raised in Argentina, Gostro has been a full time vagabond for the last 5 years going up and down the USA and Europe. He found Loki in Spain when the pooch was a little flesh bag and they became road mates.
He's done quite a variety of odd  adventuring jobs, from sheparding goats to making hand-poked tattoos in festivals and somehow managed to learn a couple of languages over the way.



A german native, Supra has also moved around both sides of the Atlantic and met her partner in the port of Rostock when both were wanting to engage in a scandinavian adventure with no planned trajectory.
A natural to all forms of artistic expression, she is as handy with a pen and brush as she is with glass and sand modeling.
Extremely fluent and adept in learning languages, she is a reliable adventurer.


Loki is Gostro's inseparable companion and busker extraordinaire, pictures of him wearing goggles and/or other accesories are probably doing rounds in many a corner of the non-cubically shaped planet earth.




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