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  • Hi! I bought or received one of your postcards and I decided to check the Web address! What is this site? 

Welcome and thanks for the $upport! This is the Web site where you can get some info and updates about our wanderings, analysis of camping gear and equipment, and can check out other artsy stuff we do. 

  • What do you guys do?

We are wandering artists traveling around the world in search of new places,experiences and legendary lost epic treasures! undefined

  • Why the website?

Like everybody else we need to sustain our vital functions ,usually through the use of cash and preferably obtaining it by the use of our talents.
We also happen to enjoy sharing and obtaining knowledge through various means and platforms so a website struck us as a very good medium for combining interests and necessities.
A good reason for a website, huh? 

  • Are you even real?

Most experts and other assorted great scientific minds of our current bend of timespace agree that it is not possible for an entity such as Gostro to exist,and with some minor disagreements generally conclude he/it must be some sort of aberrant quantum flatulence cometh unto this universe as a product of humanity's collective  psychic perversion.
Somehow he paired up with Supra who is real enough except for the fact that she chose such a bizarre consort.

  • Why are updates so slow at times?

Because portable McDonaldses have not been invented yet.

  • Why do you do this?
    Well it seemed like a fun idea at the time...
    And anyway,we are great fresh-air enthusiasts too!
  • I want a postcard and/or a magnet but I can't physically find you guys! 

Not a problem! You can order them on-line by checking the Catalog and/or Post Cards sections of the website.

  • How do I order then? 

The instructions for ordering are written under the catalog selection and below each individual entry.

  • undefined Tell me how, directly!

If you want one postcard or more, click here and you will be taken to our paypal.
The price of our post-cards is donation-based, so it is up to you to set a value.
Leave your contact data and address in the transaction as well as the title of the card/s or magnet/s (found below the entry) you would like to have.

We would love to thank you so be sure to leave some data so we can get back to you!


  • Can you be hired to work physically with clients,at parties, events.etc?

    If you are in the city of Valencia, Spain or in Karlsruhe, Germany, or in their vicinities, then yes.


  • Do you take donations?

Yes we do! 
You can go over to the "Support us" section or donate directly from here.

  • Can you draw something for me/Do you take commissions?

Nothing we'd love more than that!

  • How do I pay?

You can use Paypal.


Shoot an E-mail over to


  •  What? No facebook?



  •  Where else in the meat-space can your art be found?


You can find our work for sale at the Kupka gallery in Valencia, Spain!


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