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Update for July 2, 2017

Jul 022017

Article by Gostro

Hey, funny that I never post traveling stuff anymore, right?
Truth be told , it's a lot to write about and what may beimportant to us might come off as an awful bore  to the readers. And the unorthodox methods we use are not up to most people's tastes.
So yeah, travel tips will have new entries at some point but right now we're swamped with IRL stuff.

Anyhows, a quick update!
Fixed page 7 for the Great Mancini, which I had forgotten it existed leading me to a numbering confusion on page numbers  but hoorray, useful sunday!

Also, I am happy to present you a new format and fancy(?) packaging for our V-cards!


I be sure hoping Supra writes another post at one point though since this isnt only Gostro's blog!
(Loki is practicing his typing skills as you read this)

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