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Update for July 2, 2017

Jul 022017

Article by Gostro

Hey, funny that I never post traveling stuff anymore, right?
Truth be told , it's a lot to write about and what may beimportant to us might come off as an awful bore  to the readers. And the unorthodox methods we use are not up to most people's tastes.
So yeah, travel tips will have new entries at some point but right now we're swamped with IRL stuff.

Anyhows, a quick update!
Fixed page 7 for the Great Mancini, which I had forgotten it existed leading me to a numbering confusion on page numbers  but hoorray, useful sunday!

Also, I am happy to present you a new format and fancy(?) packaging for our V-cards!


I be sure hoping Supra writes another post at one point though since this isnt only Gostro's blog!
(Loki is practicing his typing skills as you read this)

Fallando Fallas

Mar 112017

Article by Gostro


Winter is giving in and the demon star extends it's visits.
Gostro and Loki, taking a much deserved pause after five years of roving, reap the rewards of his ultraviolet might: while circulating the labyrinthean city of Valencia.
(No shit,folks! I got a winter Tan that'd make a Cimmerian jealous!)


What is there to update?

January and February were pretty slow for the street biz, and Supra is slowly beggining to perceive the coming of spring in the -by comparison- still cold Rhine valley.
Now with Fallas, the non resident population of Valencia has catapulted upwards as the actual residents attempt to avoid the rather noisy period-What am I talking about?
Why, the world renowned Valentian Fallas, of course!


Typical fallas effigies

Loki isnt too happy about it though.
Despite being a godling of Fire, loud noises do not treat the fine hearing of a dog well, particularly one who is not native to these sonorous locales.

In the meantime...
I've also leveled up! Both in training gear and capacity (nearing Saitama levels!)-on which I hope to soon post about and in gear upgrading: as exemplified by the acquisition of a most epic Scooter powered by the cosmic Flamingo Force!™


                                  BY THE POWER OF PINK BIRD!!!


As you are reading this the effigies are probably being uncovered, but here you have some of this year's contestants still wrapped up


Aqua Janitor?


Luscious contestant #1


Luscious contestant #2



And yes!We do have a Postal Fallera!


We're hoping we can stick to a more regular update schedule but we'll see if we can install that succesfully on our chaos engine.
The Guide took on a slow phase again as Supra is busy atm to color more stuff and I'm not writing enough so there's also that.

However,rejoice! With the thawing of the land so we come out of hibernation,poised one more to take over the galaxy by Force and Kek!



'Till next time!

Fresh from the storm!

Jun 082016

We finally update!

So here is a quick rundown of our adventures so far!


Spent a few days in Bad Karlshafen(the original German refugee city!) Visiting out most excellent web host Mr Thiele and his family where we performed some artsy stuff 


Stopped at Göttingen to visit our good mate Jannis and totally not because we just keep come back to that damned town!


We we re re in Hamburg today in case you didn't check the vid!


Scandinavian quest-kit ready!

May 312016

It's our last night in Karlsruhe - or rather my last night as I'm the one camping around atm (ask me about wild boars!).
Soon... my beloved Supra will be dirty like me without showers and we will revel in pulling parasites from each others hair mwahahaha!!!


We showed up at the print shop and totally freaked out the staff at the fact that we actually kept our word that we could come back to print a shit ton of cards for our second round of Skalding in the land of Danes.

Result: 2kgs of vagabond cards needy of a new home!


So much for shaving weight of the backpacks...

The weather gods were satisfied with our progress and decided to add to the tackiness of the situation by implementing warm and happy sunlight over our vecinity so that we might take yet another prev pic of our fantawesometasticool production.


 The thumb says it all.


If you happen to be not our only reader (Hail thee,mr. Rum!) and find yourself in the lands of sagas and mead,be sure to spread the word of our coming north,for we are as unstoppable as a Led Zeppelin song enacted by cats

(that makes cat #3 and #4 ,my lady)

So,because Im running out of time to type on this laptop we leave you a gratouitous shop of our muse channeling hands just because the internet has so much imagery going round...

Gostro's nails are dirty,yes.



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