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Update for July 2, 2017

Jul 022017

Article by Gostro

Hey, funny that I never post traveling stuff anymore, right?
Truth be told , it's a lot to write about and what may beimportant to us might come off as an awful bore  to the readers. And the unorthodox methods we use are not up to most people's tastes.
So yeah, travel tips will have new entries at some point but right now we're swamped with IRL stuff.

Anyhows, a quick update!
Fixed page 7 for the Great Mancini, which I had forgotten it existed leading me to a numbering confusion on page numbers  but hoorray, useful sunday!

Also, I am happy to present you a new format and fancy(?) packaging for our V-cards!


I be sure hoping Supra writes another post at one point though since this isnt only Gostro's blog!
(Loki is practicing his typing skills as you read this)


Dec 022016

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Vagabond cards


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Update? You wish! No,wait a sec-

Sep 262016

We got new cards in the catalog! Wanna take a look? 

We've been quite busy increasing our card selection for your postal fun & profit.
An upgrade which has only been made possible with the invaluable assistance of -amongst others- the venerable chinese shop keeper of our local cheap (but good) supply store and the amazing Print-Den of wonders that pumps our V-cards unto the world. We owe them, big time!


"Yes, human. Take the post-card, I am but a harmless cosmic devourer of galaxies."

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Our adventure so far...

Jun 122016

Article By Gostro

We started out two weeks ago from this post on a fine wednesday in karlsruhe with the intention of hitchiking all the way north back to Copenhagen in Denmark to celebrate our anniversary of roving together,we kind of planned-if such a thing can be even imagined- to make a few stops on the way to visit some mates and close some cycles in doing so as well.

The day we started went pretty uneventful and we didnt get a *single* ride,we suspect it had something to do with some unheard of holiday of collective psychic menstrutation or something since the day was sunny and beautiful,we accepted defeat and decided to start out the following day from the fine town of Karlsdorf Neuhardt where we were indeed succesful from the start!

We decided that we had to be badass in order to gain the favour of the traveling gods,and so we did


Such badassery

And to say we were succesful is an understatement as our third ride that day,provided by a loveable old eastern german boxing promoter-

Not this guy but it would have been awesome too


-deposited us directly in the door-step of our most excellent web-host;Herr Thiele and his family,in the heart of Bad Karlshafen;The original german refugee city!

In Haus Thiele we upgraded Gostro's Pokedex,jammed some art and adventured around the place

Art jammin'

Unfortunately our explorations brought us to the attention of Basement Cat,whose cult holds a bloody turf war with the newly arrived refugees and we decided it was wise to not incur the wrath of such feline deities

They're watching,they're always watching...


And so we prepared ourselves to engage in our dreaded next stop: GÖTTINGEN TOWN!
The reason  we dreaded this is because not only has Gostro already written a nice little unknown picture book about his time there,but for some reason the damn place has some sort of magnetic draw to the crew as we always end up in the bloody place no matter where we go.
We had to recover Gostro's Ole Mjolnir which had been living a better existence under the protection of Lord Yurinnis of the Citar:
A fine musician and talented fellow artsman who graciously hosted us that night in his most fantastepic crib!


A fine guild hall,that is!


The Mjolnir boosted Gostro's charisma with so many CHR points,that George Clooney was force-summoned to offer him the possibility of making a Coffee Commercial


Drink a hobo...


Once Gottingen quest was completed,Hamburg was in the cards and all that lay between us and the famed port city was the rest of Lower Saxony which that day happened to be in the heart of a severe thunderstorm.
Apparently ze germans have pissed off Thor,and/or the recovery his symbol from a worthy carrier such as Yurinnis by a Lockespawn such as Gostro inspired his wrath,not sure...


At a petrol station in the the autobahn we realized our dire situation and decided that the only way to get ourselves out was to brave the storm and get a ride (Read: we pissed our pants off and got desperate to get a ride out of the area).
As it would be, fortune favours the bold and loves the idiotic. For we did arrive to Hamburg,which an hour before our coming had been blasted by a level 8 air elemental attack (aka "Tornado").
Strangely enough it was business as usual in sailor town ,with gutterpunks contaminating the nostrils of the populace,guidos buying energy drinks with vodka at the supermarket and other bums being generally wasted by the main station.
We camped by a fine deserted office building where their resident non-floating drones were somewhat confused at detecting our presence the following day but did not bother to be bothered.

Five star accomodation!

After a few hours of busking we decided to press onwards north and managed to establish contact with our only,most popular and finest and loyal reader.


Mr. Albert Rum

We failed at making empanadas for him but we chilled in a beautiful river town where he currently extends his cephalopodean limbs and enjoyed a much needed rest from all the moving.
Mr. Rum provided yet another upgrade to our inventory in the form of solar power!


Mana recharge rates+1


Albert deposited us two mornings after our meeting by the autobahn access in Kiel.
Our experience hitchiking out of Kiel was disheartening:even though the place does have a "tramp station" it was about as useful as an ergonomic keyboard for Sea cucumbers.
We were finally able to get out after changing to a less savoury position in the road where we were dposited just a few km away from Flensburg in a not so populated Rest stop.
Besides finding a sign warning about giving african flu to pigs in russian,polish and for some reason,Rumanian;we got a ride from a wonderful lady who changed her mind of putting us closer to quest objective midway and decided to drive us *into* Danish territory!

By mid-day we were having a rather hard time finding rides-though we did get some delicious french confiture- until a good danish gentleman sympathized with our plight and drove us halfway across the country closer to Copenhagen.
Although it seemed that initially we would have again a difficult time obtaining rides


Bad omens

Once we walked to the station area to ask,we were offered not one but two rides at the same time!
It seems a sort of pattern is beggining to form with our hitch hiking ventures,as the one we took  drove us into the very doorstep of our destination!

And so we recorded the lil vid from our previous post:

After rambling on the camera,we put some epic sea shanties playing in the pokedex,and walked our victory road mile towards the Pokemon center where our story as a couple really started and then we realized that our lives were indeed being written by a sexually frustrated 15 year old girl who has seen too many Disney movies,as our good mate Tom was sweeping calmly the floor of the reception area without noticing until it was too late that we -bigger and better than ever- were back!
We had one of them heart warming reunion hugs,some cofee and a couple beers and hit the sack.
After all,we had been up since 4 in the morning that day!!!!!



It's our third morning in Copenhagen as of the time of writing this post and we are taking a day off before engaging the over transited streets of this jolly capital urb with our postcardlisch wares.

Only time will tell if we are succesful and leave the land of Danes with a vagavan fund quest in the completed section...!

Scandinavian quest-kit ready!

May 312016

It's our last night in Karlsruhe - or rather my last night as I'm the one camping around atm (ask me about wild boars!).
Soon... my beloved Supra will be dirty like me without showers and we will revel in pulling parasites from each others hair mwahahaha!!!


We showed up at the print shop and totally freaked out the staff at the fact that we actually kept our word that we could come back to print a shit ton of cards for our second round of Skalding in the land of Danes.

Result: 2kgs of vagabond cards needy of a new home!


So much for shaving weight of the backpacks...

The weather gods were satisfied with our progress and decided to add to the tackiness of the situation by implementing warm and happy sunlight over our vecinity so that we might take yet another prev pic of our fantawesometasticool production.


 The thumb says it all.


If you happen to be not our only reader (Hail thee,mr. Rum!) and find yourself in the lands of sagas and mead,be sure to spread the word of our coming north,for we are as unstoppable as a Led Zeppelin song enacted by cats

(that makes cat #3 and #4 ,my lady)

So,because Im running out of time to type on this laptop we leave you a gratouitous shop of our muse channeling hands just because the internet has so much imagery going round...

Gostro's nails are dirty,yes.



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