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Jun 062017

Article by Gostro

I'm still lagging behind with the blog posts updates but face it how many of ye peeps are actually intgerested in rough living tips?

So instead I bring you an update with two new comics!

-> One is from when the creator of Pepe the Frog sought to put that genie back in the bottle and unsurprisingly failed.


(click on thumbnail to see comic in full size)

-> The other one is based in the life and times of a certain famous neckbeard personality of the web-tubes...


(click on thumbnail to see comic in full size)


Well then, lads and lassies.
See you in the depths of the meat-space!




Apr 222017

Article by Gostro

Ahoy there!

So Supra came and left and we were too busy to check ourselves for update on the site...
So here I be once more,with good ole Loki but no Supra undefined updating the site.

It might have escaped your notice that two more pages of The Great Mancini are available for your comicking pleasure!


undefined undefined

(Just click on the thumbnails to be taken to the page)


Will probably put a one year later review on gear soon enough, stay tuned!


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