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Gostro gets Fanart!

Mar 252017

Article by Gostro

So in Fallas weekend had two takers for caricatures! Two fine american young lads from Colorado were to be drawn in a picture as requested per their accompanying adult ladies.
While Michael Jackson tunes blasted the unending crowds from the boombox, yours truly proceeded to manifest them in toon form.
The older one in particular-who went by the nomination sky man- was quite funny as he was posing with a silly face which made it's way to the caricature, and he mentioned he liked to draw as well. Actually wanted to give him the sketch-boook but between coloring and talking with the people kinda forgot to.

Imagine our surprise when two days later came back from ze toilet and lo and behold! The kids came back with a magnificent cartoon of the cartoonist! 



It does feel good to think that your work has inspired a young soul to take on the path of the dark side fine arts!


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