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Update for July 2, 2017

Jul 022017

Article by Gostro

Hey, funny that I never post traveling stuff anymore, right?
Truth be told , it's a lot to write about and what may beimportant to us might come off as an awful bore  to the readers. And the unorthodox methods we use are not up to most people's tastes.
So yeah, travel tips will have new entries at some point but right now we're swamped with IRL stuff.

Anyhows, a quick update!
Fixed page 7 for the Great Mancini, which I had forgotten it existed leading me to a numbering confusion on page numbers  but hoorray, useful sunday!

Also, I am happy to present you a new format and fancy(?) packaging for our V-cards!


I be sure hoping Supra writes another post at one point though since this isnt only Gostro's blog!
(Loki is practicing his typing skills as you read this)

Fallas times

Mar 182017

Article by Gostro

So there is still one day left of Fallas ,and the party goes on (Those that think that Barna is the never ending celebration need to revise).
Yon faithful servant actually can t wait for some peace and quiet to return to the land so that he may once more,sow fear and awe in the hearts ofthe populace with the resurgence of his magnificent trickster houndeity...!

Here are some images that have been commonplace on the streets of Valencia:

This Falla infantil won the 1st prize (meaning it won't get burned)




Grandpa telling a tale of dragons and knights


El Perennesidente xiquet



Falleritas (Loving those dresses but it  is sort of ironic that they are such a costly elaborate costume nowadays that is supposed to be based on the clothes of common womenfolk back in the day!)



Pirate falla in another centric road annoyingly overflowing with pedestrians



Coq-ter back


'tis only fitting that a headless rider would have a headless steed!


Even the headless horseman has to go sometimes...


All in all the fallas are yet another spring carnival event like many more around Europe and the northern hemisphere but the abundance of this effigies in every neighborhood (sometimes more than 3 in only one area!) and the distinctive style as well as the use and excessive abuse of firecrackers truly make the Valentian Fallas a uniquely and wonderfully cacophonic event deserving of its lauded status as a patrimony of humanity (though the god of fire and mischief could do with a bit less ruckus!) 


Having displayed this pix avalanche we bid you farewell!

The vagabond Crew in The Great turtle rescue!

Oct 032016

Article By Gostro


So this morning was going on as usual,


Such rope skill much


with me jumping rope like only true manwhores can and Supra working outwith her cosmic fitness band of Vicious torture ("Rubber smack" 1d6 special ranged attack,25% chance of lingering damage) when we spotted an unusal spotting in our spot...


(Rodent sensei not included)


A Turtle,and since it was not a tortoise we were surprised to see such a water elemental dweller in so dry a spot!



We picked it up,rehydrated it a bit and had to wait for my uninteresting  jumprituals to finnish before we took the lil feller to a nearby river stream where we know the other Squirtles and Ninjas is shells inhabit:



pictured:Stream where other ninja & possible mutant wild life species inhabit


During this tenure,he or she or it became gradually more accustomed to us and didnt even mind a most jealous god of mischief in canine form.



Like Frogger ,but with turtles


As it plunged the most coveted stream,

our shelled friend came out popping its head in what we interpreted as a most emotive Good bye and/or probably a need to breathe and call us names in ancient omnian.


Pictured: A Happy Squirtle

Our story would have ended there and then already quite sunnily as we saw how it met and mingled with the other green panzered thingies and weird ducks,when we saw as we sat and relaxed by thatmost beautiful part of The Turia nothing less than an EIS VOGEL!

(we didnt have our camera ready so here is a stock picture)



Image source:wikipedia


 Our duty done,and Loki anxious to leave his urinary mark,we strode into the sunset,proud heroes of turtley folk legends for ages to come!


Karlsruhe Busking

May 252016


"Karlsruhe Busking"

Gostro & Supra, 2016


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