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Jun 062017

Article by Gostro

I'm still lagging behind with the blog posts updates but face it how many of ye peeps are actually intgerested in rough living tips?

So instead I bring you an update with two new comics!

-> One is from when the creator of Pepe the Frog sought to put that genie back in the bottle and unsurprisingly failed.


(click on thumbnail to see comic in full size)

-> The other one is based in the life and times of a certain famous neckbeard personality of the web-tubes...


(click on thumbnail to see comic in full size)


Well then, lads and lassies.
See you in the depths of the meat-space!



Update? You wish! No,wait a sec-

Sep 262016

We got new cards in the catalog! Wanna take a look? 

We've been quite busy increasing our card selection for your postal fun & profit.
An upgrade which has only been made possible with the invaluable assistance of -amongst others- the venerable chinese shop keeper of our local cheap (but good) supply store and the amazing Print-Den of wonders that pumps our V-cards unto the world. We owe them, big time!


"Yes, human. Take the post-card, I am but a harmless cosmic devourer of galaxies."

Remember you can now get any Vagabond Card that you want by throwing something in the Tip-Jar!

Scandinavian quest-kit ready!

May 312016

It's our last night in Karlsruhe - or rather my last night as I'm the one camping around atm (ask me about wild boars!).
Soon... my beloved Supra will be dirty like me without showers and we will revel in pulling parasites from each others hair mwahahaha!!!


We showed up at the print shop and totally freaked out the staff at the fact that we actually kept our word that we could come back to print a shit ton of cards for our second round of Skalding in the land of Danes.

Result: 2kgs of vagabond cards needy of a new home!


So much for shaving weight of the backpacks...

The weather gods were satisfied with our progress and decided to add to the tackiness of the situation by implementing warm and happy sunlight over our vecinity so that we might take yet another prev pic of our fantawesometasticool production.


 The thumb says it all.


If you happen to be not our only reader (Hail thee,mr. Rum!) and find yourself in the lands of sagas and mead,be sure to spread the word of our coming north,for we are as unstoppable as a Led Zeppelin song enacted by cats

(that makes cat #3 and #4 ,my lady)

So,because Im running out of time to type on this laptop we leave you a gratouitous shop of our muse channeling hands just because the internet has so much imagery going round...

Gostro's nails are dirty,yes.



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